August 27, 2011

Lonely Rain - Yuya Matsushita

It's beautiful. Yuya's anticipated "Lonely Rain" PV was finally released! It's from his SUPER DRIVE single. Ever since I heard the song's preview on his website (or some official japanese website I went to), I instantly fell in love with it in a heartbeat!

The opening sequence was lovely, a beach on a cloudy day (almost like it's about to rain). From some fragments of translation I've read, the lyrics was also very tearfully beautiful. I read on Jpopasia that it was about "regrets of love and the rain he has in his heart until he can meet his love again"... isn't that sweet? Match it with a very soulful piano and violin duet with his smooth vocals, and this song can't go wrong. I'm honestly convinced that this guy will be the only solo japanese artist I'll listen to. And as much as I love JE, this guy can out-sing any JE artist as far as my opinion is concerned.

From the bridge part of the song where he goes yamanaide yamanaide...

Without a trace, without a trace, everything just seems to wash away
And once again, and once again, I find myself going back to those days
When I hurt you so, how I hurt you so, if you could forgive all the pain
I just want to hold you near me
Those are very generic lyrics for a love song I must say... but there's just something about the melody in the song that makes those words come to life. That's my opinion though. The song's melody, for me, GREATLY impacts the meaning of the lyrics so yeah... And then as soon as Yuya stops singing, you think the song ends and then it comes back to life. I'd listen to this song every time it rains. ;) As much as I loved SUPER DRIVE, I think I'm leaning in to this more... but just like a millimeter more.

I can't wait for an English translation... someone better translate it soon!

P.S. The way he pronounces the lyrics makes his songs a lot more dreamy. Just saying.

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